Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Strawberries are Amazing

Strawberries are delicious, versatile, nutritious, and I can grow them in my backyard! 
I love strawberries plain, mixed in yogurt, and the desserts where I can incorporate strawberries are almost endless. 
My father in law knows how much I love strawberries and when he heard I wanted to start a garden bought me the nicest strawberry pot for my deck.  He also brought me more strawberry plants than could fit into it.  I planted the extra plants in the garden. 
What I think is super amazing about strawberries and gardening, is that they come back like three fold the next year.  The above and below pictures are two seperate patches.  If I can beat the birds, I am going to be rolling in strawberries this year!!
These should probably start ripening in the next month or so.  The plants will only be good for 3 years or so, but they put out strawberries all throughout the summer.
My favorite stawberry indulgence is strawberries sliced up and mixed with vanilla ice cream.  So delicious!
What is your favorite way to eat strawberries? 


  1. My new favorite is strawberries with a balsamic reduction.

  2. Oh that sounds good and fancy :)