Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Exploding Garden

The garden is starting to explode, both with bounty and weeds!  We pulled out a probably a third of our radishes, giving us an overflowing bowl that should last us a couple weeks. 
Our strawberry plants have lots and lots of fruits.  We are trying to balance, letting the fruit ripen and getting our hands on them before the birds. 
We have already picked a handful of berries.  Ours are much smaller than the organic strawberries we got in our produce box. 
Our broccoli is developing into heads.  This is especially exciting because last year we did not get any broccoli.  TJ was running between his baby pool and the broccoli this weekend pouring water on it, all while telling me he wanted to eat it, and that I should cook it.  So adorable!
While our fruits and vegetables are doing well, so are the weeds, especially clover.  They are everywhere!

Luckily my husband is helping a ton with the weeding! 
After an hour or so of both of us weeding on Saturday and Sunday, the garden looked a little better. 

There must be a way to limit the weed growth, but we definitely haven't found it.  I am a little nervous about the hot weather in July and August because that is when I remember the weeds being the worst.

Does anyone have any tricks for keeping weeds at bay?


  1. that's so exciting you've had so many things growing!

  2. Hmm, my tip would be convince children that it's a fun task to do! This worked for my parents back when I was a tot and we had a garden. I used to love weeding with the sun on my neck and the occasional handful of sun-ripened tomatoes to sustain energy levels...

    P.S. I love your spring green tart! Goat cheese is always a winner in my book :)