Friday, May 14, 2010

Operation Defrost Freezer

Mission: Defrost the freezer without wasting lots and lots of food.
Deadline: 7/23/10 before our vacation to my parents.  This might seem like a very generous deadline, but I am not talking about a small freezer.  In addition to the freezer above we have a large cheast freezer in the basement completely packed with food.

This freezer is so packed it is really hard to find what we are looking for, or to even know what we have.  In addition to this allowing us to defrost the freezer, I am hoping we can save a little money on groceries by eating down what we already have. 

Plan of attack:

1) Take inventory
2) Plan meals
3) Fix & Eat meals

I will keep you posted on how this goes.  The real hard part will be not refilling the empty space once we clean it out. 

Is there anyway to save freezer burned food?


  1. Maybe if you put it a stew with lots of spices, you won't notice the freezer burn taste as much.

  2. Great challenge! I see a lot of one-pot meals coming up in your future!!