Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1/2 Marathon Planning

After running the Race to Wrigley I felt a little disappointed because I didn't get that I'm so tired I could puke feeling.  I just thought the race was a little anticlimactic.

Yes I finished and I ran the whole way, but with all the build up it seemed a little to easy.  I mean I had been planning and training (well kind of) for 3+ months.  I think I might have run a little too conservatively because I was worried I wouldn't be able to finish.

I mentioned this to my hockey teammates and fellow racers and we decided to go home and review the upcoming races to decide on another race where I could go harder and leave it all on the course.  I was thinking another 5K and to try to increase my time or maybe a 10K.

Jody, one of my teammates, threw out the idea of the Northshore Half Marathon on June 13th.  I was still all excited, having just completed my first race and  thinking it was too easy, so I agreed.  
We signed up for this about two weeks ago and I have since been questioning my sanity.  I know I will feel so accomplished when I complete this (thinking positively).  I do have doubts to my capabilities, but I am trying to keep them in check.  I can do this, I will do this, it will be great! 

I have been trying to follow a training plan.  This calls for 3 runs a week with one long run which increases by 1 mile every week.  I completed my 5 mile run this weekend and it was tough!  It has been really difficult to get my morning runs in during the week.  I need to work on getting to bed earlier so 6 am isn't so painful.

This is my run schedule for this week:
Tuesday - 3.5 mile easy run
Wednesday - 30 min cross train
Thursday - 3.5 mile easy run
Saturday - 45 min cross train
Saturday - 7 mile long run

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  1. You are inspiring. I think you're nuts, but this inspires me.