Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Garden

Last year I started my first ever garden. I didn't start with a small area of tomatoes to get my feet wet, no no no. Instead I dug out a good 30' by 10' patch of our lawn. I proceeded to stuff as many plants in this large area as humanly possible.

I couldn't tell the weeds from the plants because I had never grown anything before, so I was hesitant to pull out anything. The weeds ended up taking over for a bit.

Despite my complete lack of a green thumb, I did get lots and lots of bounty including lettuce, zucchini, peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, cantaloupes, and strawberries. These are my peas from last year and you can see they are kind of crammed in there.
Last year I was not successful with broccoli, eggplant or brussel sprouts, so I am trying those again this year and hoping for the best.

This year I am trying to spread the plants out a little more. My husband is taking a much bigger interest in the garden, which is great. He planted lettuce, radishes and peas, and is keeping everything alive by watering daily. I have been working longer hours lately, so everything would probably be dead if it wasn't for him. Thanks honey!

So far we have scallions, lettuce, radishes, broccoli, brussel sprouts, peas, strawberries and rasberries planted. As well as a small herb garden with basil, parsley, chives and stevia.
I bought the stevia plant because we use stevia as a sweeterner, but I have no idea how to process the plant.

Do you know how to get the sweetness out of the stevia plant?


  1. Looks beautiful! I envy your garden big time. My basil plant in a clay pot just won't compare.

  2. What a great garden, I'm jealous! I have no idea what to do with the stevia plant. How do you go from the pretty green leaves to a white powder? Interesting thought. :)