Friday, May 21, 2010

Dream Dinners

A few months ago I bought a Groupon for 50% off at Dream Dinners.  I browsed their website, picked out the dinners I wanted to make, and called them to schedule an appointment.  

On my scheduled Saturday morning, I went to Dream Dinners in Lakeview and made eight different meals for our family.  When I arrived, a Dream Dinner's associate gave me a stack of index cards with the recipe's I had chosen and gave me a brief overview of what to do.  It was a little overwhelming, almost all of the stations were full and I was left searching for a opening.

All of the customer's were friendly and we kind of figured it out as we went along.  Dream Dinners had everything down to a science, with about six different stations each hosting two to three different recipes.  Each station had all of the ingredients conveniently chopped to size with the appropriate measuring utensils in easy reach.  All in all it was a plesant experience and the food turned out ok.  
Last week I made (aka baked in the oven) Mediterranean Pasta with Chicken.  This was chicken, olives, artichokes, and sundried tomotoes with an alfredo pesto sauce mixed with pasta.  It was tasty and a little different which was nice, but I thought the sauce was a little too much. 
When you pack up the food, you stick on the instructions for how to cook the dinner.  This is super helpful because shortly after you put something in your freezer it easily can become unrecognizable and/or forgotten
I still have not mastered the art of food photography, but to bring a little more life to this here is my tasty dinner.  Pasta, strawberries and salad.  Not bad.  It was super convienent to be able to take this from the freezer and have a meal ready to serve within an hour with almost no work needed. 

So overall, I think Dream Dinners is tasty and SUPER convienent, but I think it is a touch expensive and the food isn't amazing.  I don't think we will go back anytime soon because I do really enjoy cooking myself, but I could see us using it again sometime if I get in a cooking funk. 


  1. so cool that you got to try this out for a reduced price! very interesting concept, but I can't see utilizing it or liking it very much myself!

  2. making eight meals!? that's a load but sounds like a great health alternative