Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chicago Healthy Living Challenge

When I heard that Bob Harper from the biggest loser would be at the Chicago Healthy Living Challenge at Navy Pier this past weekend, I thought it would be great.  My friend Taryn is a big fan of Bob's.  I am a huge fan of Biggest Loser and while I am a bigger Jillian fan, I thought it would be really neat to meet Bob. 
We decided to get there around 11 because Bob was due to show up at 12.  When we got to the expo around 11:15 there were already probably 100 people in line to meet Bob.  We decided to just walk around and see Bob from afar. 

There were a couple of booths that I found interesting including CARA, VitaMix and a child fitness course which TJ liked.  Aside from the few interesting booths, it felt like we were in an infomercial.  We could have lost fat and inches in 45 minutes or 3 dress sized in 90 seconds.  Ugh - not my cup of tea!
Bob eventually showed up which was exciting.  I have to say that I was really not impressed by his speach at all.  He was saying 'why aren't you where you want to be?'  I just got the impression he was very much like if you aren't at your goal you must be doing it wrong.  Maybe I was just cranky because someone had just handed me a packet on lapband surgery, but his message didn't come across great for me. 

I love the biggest loser and think it is very inspiring, but I don't believe it is the right way to loose weight.  I am much more into gradual changes with some room to wiggle.  I am completely aware that it will take me longer to reach my goals this way, but I am hoping I will be much more likely to remain successful this way.

Michael Ventrella, this years Biggest loser, also showed up.  This man is inspiring!  He lost 260+ lbs and looks great.  His mother, Maria was also on the show and she too looks fabulous!  They were both really gracious and are truly inspirations. 
While it was great to see Bob, Michael and Maria, the expo was dissapointing.  At a healthy living expo, the only true swag we were given was a candy bar and a bag of potato chips?!?!  Truly odd. 
We did get some coupons for interesting foods and I got some information on the Chicago Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon.  Maybe I will do this one next summer. 
I am signed up for the Healthy Living Summit coming up in Chicago in August.  I have much higher expectations for this because of the women who are throwing it.  If someone hands me a lap band  information or reccomends some booth where I can loose 3 inches in 45 minutes at that conference, I will be truly shocked!

Is anyone else signed up for the Healthy Living Summit?


  1. that's great to see people who have kept up the heathy lifestyle!

  2. Wow. I can't believe the only swag you received was potato chips and a candy bar. How disappointing from a health expo. You should get way better stuff at the HLS. Wish I was going!

  3. Bummer!
    I would suggest doing the Rock and Roll! I did the Marathon in San Diego this past weekend and it was a blast! So much energy and so much fun!
    I would love to do the Chicago one someday...

  4. I joined the blogging world too late to sign up for the health summit, but I look forward to living the experience through you :).

  5. hey girl...what a weird experience! I totally get what you are saying..and for this reason I do NOT watch BL anymore! I don't believe the way they arel osing weight is healthy, at all..nor is it easy to maintain that weightloss in such a way!
    Oi...irks me!

  6. yeah that swag is weird.
    i wish i was going to the healthy living summit! you'll have a blast.

  7. Oh wow! I still can't believe how good Michael looks! It's so cool you got to see him and his Mom.

    And yeah what horrible food to give you. It looks gross. What did you do with it? I'd give it away.